HI CON was established in 1999. We specialize in water treatment solutions, such as the treatment of construction waste water, treatment of industrial waste water, sea water desalination systems, etc. We provide a wide range of solutions for concrete related machinery and system, such as built-up concrete batching plant, concrete mixer, mixer drum, reclaimer for concrete waste, chiller system, green building materials, solar energy technology, etc. We are also the experts in concrete admixture, such as the retarder, waterproofing agents, and many other admixtures.

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Hi Con (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1999. Hi Con is in the field of supplying water treatment solutions to various industries. We are one of the qualified vendors to supply ECM and TSS CCTV Monitoring System to the construction sites. Hi Con has been certified of ISO45001, bizSAFE star. We assure you of only trustworthy and quality product and service. Hi Con is also one of the suppliers of Concrete Admixtures in Singapore, supplying not only to local markets, but overseas as well. Hi Con’s vision is to “go green”. We are shifting our focus towards being environment-friendly, energy-saving, and recycling. We will continue to introduce “green” products as we do our best to contribute to the industries.

HI CON Solutions Dept

Hi Con Concrete Solutions Department is responsible for the following products:

  1. Chiller & Flake Ice System
  2. Reclaimer System Ceramic Filtering System
  3. Auto Wheel Wash System (AWWS)
  4. Wastewater Treatment Solutions
  5. Ceramic Filtering System & Filter Press Machine
  6. HDPE Storage
  7. Concrete Mixer
  8. Concrete Batching Plant
  9. Concrete Mixer Drum
  10. Sea Water Desalination System

Other materials include:

  1. Stainless Products (SS316)
  2. Sludge Water Pumps
  3. CCTV Monitoring system
  4. Green Materials
  5. Concrete Admixtures

HI CON Clients In Singapore

  • G & W Ready-Mix
  • Pan-United
  • Huationg
  • Island Concreter
  • Singapore Piling
  • Koh Brothers
  • Kay Lim Construction
  • Samsung Singapore
  • Daewoo Singapore
  • SKEC Singapore
  • Shimizu Singapore
  • Nishimatsu Singapore
  • Lain Beng Group
  • Many Others

Major Reference Projects

  • Chua Chu Kang Camp
  • Mandai Camp
  • DTSS Water Reclaimation Project C1A
  • DTSS Water Reclaimation Project C2B
  • DTSS Water Reclaimation Project C3A
  • DTSS Water Reclaimation Project C4C
  • Shen Kang HDB Project
  • MRT 822 Project
  • Jurong Water Reclaimation Plant
  • Punggol Island
  • Lim Chu Kang Recycling Plant
  • HDB Building Contracts
  • HDB Precast Contracts
  • PSA Container Stocking Yard
  • Marina Barrage
  • IR
  • Major MRT Stations
  • High Towers
  • Many Others Major projects


Admixture chemical solutions are added to concrete mixture to provide greater user control. You will be able to precisely control the reaction of the concrete, be it speeding up or retarding the stiffening process, reducing the water content or improving concrete strength.

By applying admixture to your concrete mixture, you can have better quality control, faster work efficiency and higher workability of your concrete products.

Listed below are our concrete admixture solutions, which have been applied in numerous projects in Singapore!


Hi Con provides various waste water treatment system, it can fulfill your project requirements and upgrade where needs arise.

Our wide range of water treatment system, like Slurry treatment and filtering, Chiller System, Reclaimer System, Filtering System and Sea Water Desalination System, are widely use in Singapore and regional countries.

AquaFilter Water Treatment System

The AquaFilter™ System is a smaller and more flexible version of the factory-built plant for water treatment.

The complete treatment process of chemical coagulation, flocculation, clarification, and filtration, has been integrated into one Vertical HDPE Plastic Tank or one system iron tank.

It is designed to suit different levels of water quality requests, and it can be flexibly installed, be it permanent installation in one location or portable installation on skids or trailers.

For Construction Site
Chemical Feeding System
For Electroplating Industry
For Stainless Steel Industry

AquaFilter™ system is specifically designed such that it requires minimal operator skill and attention and yet provides optimum trouble-free operation. The essential reacting area (where raw water mixes with chemicals) and setting area are utilized together with a highly efficient process to provide quality treatment while occupying minimal plant area. It is suitable for a widespread of industries. Wider range capacity from 1M3/Hr to 120M3/Hr and above are also available.

Machinery System

HI CON handles various machinery equipment, such as Concrete Waste Reclaimer System, Concrete Mixing System, Chiller System, Ceramic Filtering System, etc.

Please refer to the below information about HI CON Machinery information.

Automatic Controlled Sludge Reclaimer System



  • User-friendly, saves cost of water disposal & raw materials recovery
  • Fully self-automated system, requires small land space
  • Tidy and clean batching site preventing environmental pollution
  • Completely equipped to meet the needs of Ready-Mix Industry
Model No. of Car Wash Sludge Breakdown Capacity Sludge Water Dissolving Capacity
RH-608 2 1M/2~3 minutes 1M/10-20 Sec
RH-609 2 1M/2~3 minutes 1M/10-20 Sec

Main System: Closed type

Area requested: 20M x 20M or smaller

Electricity consumption: 415V/25 Amp or 220V/50 Amp

Operation Aggregate Recycling Sludge Water Recycling Saved cost of disposed sludge
Installed 100 % 100 % 90~100 %
Not Installed 0 % 0 % 0 %

Basic savings:

  1. Monthly production is 20,000 M3 / 15,000 M3 / 10,000 M3
  2. Waste Disposal Quantity: 600 Mt / 450 Mt / 300 Mt
  3. Raw Materials Recovery: 75% of the 40 loads (per load is around 15 Mt), 450 Mt / 337.5 Mt / 225 Mt can be recycled
  4. 75% recycled water saved: 20,000 M3 x 200 L x 75% = 3,000 M3 / 2,250 M3 / 1,500 M3

Sludge Breakdown Capacity: 1M³/2 - 3 mins (20 to 30 M³/Hour)

Sludge water dissolving capacity: 1M³/10 – 20 Sec

  • 20HP Separating system
  • Sludge Reclaim Trough
  • Conveyor (Option)
  • Vibrator (Option)

Ceramic Filtering System


  • High Power, Light Weight, No Corrosion, Antacid, Anti Alkali, position free, etc
  • Vacuum filter, separated sludge & clear water
  • Dry sludge moisture of 20-30%, easy to handle
  • Space-saving, easy operation and maintenance
  • High tensile steel structure which can support heavy operation
  • Button-controlled
  • Safe to operate
  • Wide range of capacity that can suit different industrial needs


Separates all kinds of liquid/solid-suspended particle. Widely used in Chemical/Metallurgy/Concrete Batching Plant/Aggregate Industries and Construction sites.

Sludge Press Filtering System


  • High intensity, light weight, anti-corrosion, acid and alkaline resistant, non-toxic, etc
  • Automatic pulling plate which is space saving, user-friendly and easily maintained
  • High-strength steel structure, supports operating of heavy pressure
  • Double outlets for liquid, allowing smooth filtration and operation
  • Max filtering pressure of 1.0 Mpa, the most ideal pressure for sludge cake formation
  • Easy operation with mere button presses
  • Safe to operate


Separation of solid and liquid from different kinds of suspensions.

Widely used in industries such as Petrol-Chemical, Metallurgy, Concrete Ready-Mixed, Aggregates supplier, etc.

Filtering Plates:

1M, 1.5M. 2M, etc.

No. of Plates:

20, 30, 50, 80, 100, etc.

For normal Ready-Mixed Industry, a machine with 30 filtering plates is recommended.

Concrete Mixing System

Twin Shafts Double Motors Concrete Mixer (LiLien Brand)

High efficiency Gear Box Reducer

Concrete Mixer: (Capacity: 1, 1.5, 2, 3M³)

Concrete Mixer Drum for Concrete Truck (Capacity: 6-9M³ and above)

Hi Con Auto Wheel Wash System

Roller Type(滚轴式) Hi Con AWW-100R

Drive Through Type(自行式) Hi Con AWW-100

Mobilty Type (移动式)Hi Con AWW-100F

No Civil Structure is required


Item AWW-100 AWW-100W AWW-100-F
Dimension 2240*5200*1220mm 2240*6595*1220mm 2260*4900*1260
Gross Weight 3500Kg 3600Kg 2600Kg
Net width 3400mm 4250mm 3200mm
Way of Wash Drive Through (Grating) Drive Through (Grating) Drive Through (Grating)
Wash Control Manual/Auto Manual/Auto Manual/Auto
Spray Pressure 3-4 Kg/cm² 3-4 Kg/cm131 3-4 Kg/cm²
Power Supply 415V 3P 50Hz 415V 3P 50Hz 415V 3P 50Hz
Power Consumption 17KW 17KW 9KW
Water Consumption 3L/truck/Recycling 3L/truck/Recycling 3L/truck
Wash Capacity 40-60 Trucks/Hr 40-60 Trucks/Hr 0-60 Trucks/Hr
No. of Nozzle 130 130~140 130
Activated type Photo Sensor/Mechanical Induction Photo Sensor/Mechanical Induction Photo Sensor/Mechanical Induction
Vehicle Type All dump trucks except low bed types All dump trucks include low bed types All dump trucks except low bed types
Sludge Discharge Automatic Automatic Manual
Civil Structure Required Required No required

(Specifications are subject to change)


  • Special design for washing of engineering vehicles
  • Specially selected and imported control unit & components to ensure quality system operation
  • Patented product, to specifically tackle the issue of pollution caused by engineering vehicles
  • Automatic sludge discharge, saving on manpower cost
  • Uses recycled water to save on water resources
  • Easy installation & relocation
  • Almost maintenance-free

Chiller System

Chiller Systems: 0ºC, 1ºC, 4ºC, Flake Ice maker, etc.

A 75HP 4ºC Chiller System (capable of supplying chilled water for daily casting of up to 600 M³, and allows concrete pouring temperature at below 32℃)

Standard Specifications:

75 HP Brine Chiller system, 80RT Cooling Tower, Chiller Service Pumps, Water Supply Pumps, Control Box, etc.

The above can fit in a 20’’ container, Space-saving, mobile, and easy to maintain

Chiller system for various other industries are also available. (Please enquire)

Sea Water Desalination System

Operating capacity:

From 2 m³/hr to 100 m³/hr and above capacity


Small capacity sets can fit into a container, rendering it easily mobilised

Desalinated water:

Both drinkable and non-drinkable water available


Apart from the machineries and systems mentioned, HI CON also provides specialized services/consultation in all areas related to admixture, as well as water treatment systems. Additionally, we provide professional consultation services on system integration and system set up (Design, planning, placement).

If you wish to enquire more about our consultancy and specialized services, please contact us at +65 6862 3126.

Admixture Consultancy & Design Mix

HI CON Admixture Consultancy

Want to manage your concrete more effectively, increase its productive efficiency and workability, but do not know where to start from or what kind of admixture to employ specifically nor how to use it? Do not worry, HI CON is here for you. We are confident that our experience and expertise in this area can help you achieve your desired results!

We will review and analyse your needs & requirements before recommending the most suitable admixture for you to use in your cement. We will then provide advices on professional handling and usage of the admixture, assisting you to yield the best results from your cement production!

HI CON Admixture Design Mix

Our admixture design mix service is a comprehensive service whereby we analyze your cement requirements and expectations and design a specific admixture mix to meet your goals!

Being able to produce admixture design mix is an in-depth job which requires high expertise in cement knowledge, and HI CON being a regional key player in cement admixture, is confident that we will be able to provide the right mix for whatever cement project you have in mind.

System Integration Services

When you have multiple systems running within your project, integration and monitoring of numerous systems can be a problem which can create inefficiency within your business.

HI CON can provide professional recommendations on how to improve and maximize integration and effectiveness of such systems, ensuring smooth operations on multiple platforms.

System Planning, Design & Placement Consultancy Services

If you are about to implement a new system into your operations, do note that inappropriate planning and deployment may likely lead to disastrous consequences!

With our background of an extensive experience on system planning, design and placement, HI CON can offer comprehensive advice and recommendations from the start of the system planning phase, through to the design process and placement. In this manner, you can be assured of a safe, high quality, efficient system process within your operations.