Hi Con carries a wide range of admixture as well as Concrete Construction related solutions, ad Green Materials.

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Admixture are chemical solutions which are added to concrete mixture to provide greater user control. You will be able to precisely control the reaction of the concrete, whether speeding up or retarding the stiffening process, reducing the water content or improving concrete strength.

By applying admixture to your concrete mixture, you can have better quality control, faster work efficiency and higher workability of your concrete products!

Listed below are our concrete admixture solutions, which have been applied in numerous projects in Singapore!


HI CON R5S is a retarding water-reducing admixture.


HI CON SPF is a high range water-reducing admixture for concrete.


HICON PCE is a Polycarboxylate type high range water-reducing admixture for concrete.

HI CON Microcalstea-R

Microcalstea-R is fine powder form used as waterproofing additives in concrete mixes.

The AquaFilter™ System is a small version of the factory-built plant. The complete treatment process of chemical coagulation, flocculation, clarification and filtration has been integrated into one Vertical HDPE Plastic Tank or one system iron tank. It is design to suit different levels of water quality request, also to permit permanent installation in one location or portable installation on skids or trailers.

For Construction Site

Chemical Feeding System

For Electroplating Industry

For Stainless Steel Industry

AquaFilter™ system is specifically designed to require a minimum of operator skill and attention yet provide optimum and efficient trouble-free operation. The essentially reacting area (for raw water mixed with chemicals) and setting area are utilized together with the highly efficient process to provide excellent treatment and greatly reduce plant area. It is suitable to use in various Industries.

Chiller System

Chiller Systems: 0ºC, 1ºC, 4ºC, Flake Ice maker, etc.

A 75HP 4ºC Chiller System (capable of suppling chiller water for daily casting 600 M³ and Concrete pouring temperature is below 32℃。)

Standard Specifications

The above are fit in a 20’Container, Small Space, Mobility and easy maintenance

Chiller system for other Industries are also available.





Model No. of Car Wash Sludge Breakdown Capacity Sludge Water Dissolving Capacity
RH-608/9 2 1M/2~3 minutes 1M/10-20 Sec

Electricity consumption : 440V/25 Amp or 220V/50 Amp

Civil structure should be done or cost bear by end-user. Each water pit should have stirred pump to stir the sludge water. For Model RH608B & C, the stirred pump will arrange by the end-user, for RH608, stirred pumps will be equipped and included in the system.

Operation Aggregate Recycling Sludge Water Recycling Save Cost of Disposed Sludge
Install 100% 100% 90~100%
Non-Install 0% 0% 0%

Basic Saving

Sludge Breakdown Capacity: 1M³/2 - 3 min(20 to 30 M³/Hour)

Sludge water dissolving capacity: 1M³/10 – 20 Sec

  • 20HP Separating system
  • Sludge Reclaim Trough
  • Conveyor
  • Vibrator

Hi-Cool is a paint type Nano Technology Heat-Block Coating Material. Use reflection, repulsion the heat source of radiation and reduce the transmission of the heat energy to achieve the result of isolating the heat.

Hi-Cool coating material is Green Label Certify that awarded by Singapore Green Council.

5 major features

Twin Shafts Double Motors Concrete Mixer

High efficiency Gear Box Reducer (R-607)

Concrete Mixer: (Capacity: 1, 1.5, 2, 3M³)

Roller Type

Drive Through Type


Operating capacity

From 2 M³/hr up to high capacity


Small capacity set can fit into a container

Desalinated water

Drinkable and non-drinkable



Apply to separate the solid-liquid of all kinds of suspensions. Widely use in those industries such as Petrol-Chemical, Metallurgy, Concrete Ready-Mixed, Aggregates supplier, etc.

Filtering Plates

1M, 1.5M. 2M, etc.

No. of Plates

20, 30, 50, 80, 100, etc.